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At QUINN TRUSS we are committed to continually assessing the environmental impact of our operations and where possible reducing our carbon footprint. We believe there is no such thing as waste timber and strive to extract use out of every piece.

Certified Timber

We look to use certified timber in the manufacture of all our products and strive to ensure all timber is acquired from FSC and PEFC approved sources with a Chain of Custody available on request.
Through this median responsible Truss Manufacturers can ensure timber is legally and sustainably sourced.

Reusing Timber

Being a C.A.T.G approved Timber Grading Facility, QUINN TRUSS is in a position to reject material which is not of appropriate classification/grade for Engineered Timber purposes i.e. Not of C24 grade. Material which does not make the grade is redistributed to sister company Quinn Building Supplies Ltd where it can be used for other applications such as; carcassing, non-structural uses, timber moulds, etc.
In this way QUINN TRUSS drastically reduce wastage and ensure timber is put to use in alternative ways, reducing pressure on timber requirements of QBS Ltd.

Recycled Timber Waste

In the course of production, saws produce small timber off-cuts which are unusable for any structural or non-structural purpose. These are sold onto the local community via QBS Ltd for use as firewood and kindling.
Wood shavings and sawdust accumulated from sawing processes is also sold to local farmers and live-stock keepers for animal bedding during the course of the year.


If timber doesn't meet the grade for any of the above purposes or off cuts are not in useable size, the scrap timber is chipped by renewable sister company QUINNCHIP. This is then sold on for use in biomass heating systems.