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QUINN TRUSS Roofing Solutions

Engineered timber roof trusses are now used in over 95% of all new housing projects in the UK and are increasingly being used in commercial and industrial projects. Offering the most cost effective roofing option, timber roof trusses have many distinct advantages:

  •  Flexibility through design to cater for the wide range of services required in the modern building
  • A practical and tailor-made solution to a diverse range of different roof structures
  • Material savings of up to 40% less timber than a traditional cut-roof
  • Due to trusses being pre-fabricated components, there are substantial on-site time and cost savings
  • Reduced site waste, loss and pilferage of materials
  • Space saving on site, truss deliveries can be specified to arrive only when required
  • Suitable for a number of different roof and ceiling coverings
  • Ability to design to cater for extra loadings i.e. Office and even industrial use

Attic Truss

Timber attic trusses combine the speed of erection on site of standard trusses with the open plan nature of the traditional cut roof. Attic trusses can give you several extra rooms in your house for very little extra cost in relation to project as a whole.

Attic trusses offer several major advantages:

  • Roofing a house using attic trusses can be up to 5 times faster than using the cut roof method.
  • The speed of erection greatly reduces your ‘on site’ skilled labour costs. The purchase of the building site and skilled labour costs make up the bulk of your total building expenses. In terms of costs, building materials (including roof trusses) comes in,  a distant 3rd place.
  • Quality is guaranteed every time using attic trusses. Remember a cut roof is only as good as the carpenter/joiner’s individual skill and experience
  • Attic trusses allow for further expansion in years to come. For a little extra initial outlay, the option of one or more extra rooms in your building is there for life. Even if the attic area isn’t availed of upon moving in straight away, the space will always be there if needed later down the line.
  • Attic trusses add extra value to your building. If you intend to sell or borrow against your home, the value of an extra bedroom, bathroom or possibly a gym will help add value to the overall standing of your house.

Slab Truss

A common problem in recent years has been the compatibility of Roof Trusses and Concrete Floor slabs.

At QUINN TRUSS we have overcome this issue through innovative design and re-engineering of the standard timber truss to accommodate concrete floor slabs into any new build project. The Slab Truss passes all loading and stress tolerance testing and provides the same extensive space afforded by a normal Attic Truss, whilst adhering to Building Control and Industry Regulations.

Contact our Truss Design and Engineering Team for more details

Rounded Truss

Where there is the need for a rounded roof design, possibly due to planning restrictions or perhaps just to accommodate a customer that wants something different from the norm, QUINN TRUSS can produce the solution.

Barrel/Bowstring shaped trusses offer the rounded aesthetic, in keeping with the traditional agricultural ‘barn’ look, whilst adhering to all building control requirements and providing a structurally sound roof.

Designs can be tailored to allow for larger void depths to offer more scope for insulation and soundproofing

Passive Truss

Moving with the market trend towards Passive structure, QUINN TRUSS have designed a truss solution tailored to accommodate passive house roofs.

Specially engineered supports, adjusted eaves details and rafter depths, allow for a ‘warm roof’. Increased insulation and air tightness are possible using this unique truss design, meaning all criteria are met to achieve a passive house structure