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Below is a photograph of Eco-joists, Engineered and developed by Gang-Nail. Many of the largest house builders in the UK are now using eco-joists instead of solid timber joists because they perform better than solid joists, have sound insulation properties  and saves them money. Quinn Building Supplies Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Eco-joists in Ireland.











The Eco-joist has very similar sound insulation properties to TJ M's "Silent Joist"

The eco-joist has several key advantages over the "silent joist"



1.  A house can be serviced very quickly using the eco-joist; sewer pipes, copper / PVC waterpipes and electrical wiring can be run straight through the eco-joist, No need for cutting holes and no chance of weakening the eco-joist.

2.  The eco-joist is made from Scandinavian whitewood and can be nailed into very easily. It also has a wide nailing face of 72mm or 97mm wide.  The overall depth of an eco-joist is a consistent 219mm.

3.  It has been calculated that up to 300 can be saved per standard 3 bedroom Semi, using eco-joists.  The cost savings are the result of a. increased speed of wiring and plumbing. b. several trades working simultaneously c. A major reduction in call-backs. There is no movement in the eco-joists  as the house dries out - This is important as many of the call backs, by new home owners of new houses (in housing developments) , are as a direct result of movement in the solid timber joists.

For example no 1: A space appearing between the bath and the tiles, at the silicon joint because the solid timber joists have dried and shrunk.  example no 2: Cracked bathroom tiles, cracks in the downstairs ceilings, squeaking floors are all due to solid timber joists drying and shrinking.